‘Holistic’ comes from the Greek word 'holos', meaning ‘whole’

Holistic counselling opens up a pathway to a heightened state of thinking and feeling, catapulting us towards a realm of enhanced well-being. It beckons us to embark on a captivating journey of personal exploration and self-discovery, unveiling the depths of our own behaviors, insecurities, fears, and the intricate dance with life's challenges. Through this exhilarating process, we unleash a repertoire of effective strategies to conquer, absorb new perspectives, and cultivate an unshakable confidence, ultimately attaining an oasis of inner serenity, boundless happiness, and an irresistible surge of personal empowerment.

We cannot live a happy and meaningful life if we are disconnected from ourselves. This happens when we experience situations which we cannot understand or resolve. This is why it is so important to look at all the elements of health simultaneously. Holistic therapies can provide support with:

  • Physical health: physical wellness, bodily aches, chronic pain, illnesses, tension, fatigue and diseases.
  • Emotional health: feelings such as anger, sadness, or worry.
  • Mental health: beliefs and mental conditioning that manifest as depression, anxiety and stress.
  • Spiritual health: feeling empty, lost, incomplete, disconnected, overwhelmed or confused.
Holistic counsellor

Holistic Counsellor. Dip. Counselling. Hypnotherapist

Mark Goudie

Empathetic by nature, Mark is a highly skilled counsellor who has helped countless individuals to resolve complex challenges. His deep understanding of human relationships and universal dynamics has allowed him to effectively counsel others through difficult times. By helping people to develop self-awareness, communication skills and self expression, Mark has been able to guide many towards healing from trauma. He is truly a gifted individual with the ability to see things from a different perspective, which makes him an invaluable asset in personal development. Through his unique and creative approach, Mark has helped many people to achieve a better quality of life.

Throughout our lives we experience many painful moments and challenges that stop us from moving forward and living a fulfilling life. We are not taught how to process our emotions, which can leave us feeling insecure and as a result our behaviours can work against us.

In a safe, non judgemental environment, Mark's mission is to empower you to "make a shift" in every area of your life.

Holistic Counselling can help you in discovering:

  • Greater self awareness and self acceptance
  • A more peaceful, centred approach to life    
  • Greater health and vitality
  • Emotional well being
  • A deepened sense of spirituality
  • A greater ability to cope with traumas such as death, divorce and abuse
  • An enhanced feeling of optimism and self esteem

Embarking on a voyage of personal transformation

Nestled within the etymology of the word "holistic" lies a captivating notion, hailing from the ancient Greeks and their wisdom-rich language. Derived from the term "holos," meaning "whole," it encapsulates the profound concept of a complete and all-encompassing approach to healing and well-being.

Embarking on a voyage of personal transformation, holistic counselling becomes a pathway that provides fresh perspectives and unlocks newfound ways of thinking and feeling. It is a journey of self-exploration, inviting individuals to explore the intricate landscapes of their own being—the vast corridors of thoughts, behaviours, insecurities, fears, and personal responses. As this journey unfolds, a tapestry of self-understanding prevails, laying the groundwork for profound growth.

Holistic counselling embodies the profound wisdom that recognises the intricate layers of human experience. It melds the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual realms into an interplay of healing and well-being. This transformative path allows for expanded self-awareness, forging a path towards wholeness and an enriched existence, highlighting new life purpose and meaning.


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