Finding purpose

by Mark Goudie on Mar 14, 2023

Finding purpose - A Conscious State

Countless people we meet through A Conscious State are starving for a more meaningful life. The old ways of society have grown tired for many. The continual pursuit of money, fame, power is becoming tiresome, leaving some questioning "what's it all for".

Our society has us thinking that we need to always be in a state of achieving, being better than the day before. This idea is imposed on us as a child, where we were once in a state of complete learning, free from societal obligation and free from judgement. Yes, that's right our own upbringing has brought us down. We are taught that we are always in a state of preparation, getting ready for what is next in our lives. We begin primary education to prepare ourselves for secondary education, we start secondary education in preparation for tertiary education and all of this is in preparation to be one day ready for the "real world".

Many would consider this as evolving. But evolving into what? Because behind the scenes more people are experiencing anxiety, depression, mental illness, suicide, and despair. All of this contributes to a disconnected self and a fragmented soul.

Even the world's most influential people like Tony Robbins are sending out the message that happiness equals progress, "Progress is the key to happiness", stated on his website. This is grossly incorrect, because when you say to yourself, "I must progress", you are saying that you are not enough right now. This thinking and message creates a contradiction and only propels more commercial manipulation, resulting in you buying more stuff. For most, the idea of progress is a continual job that needs a high level of motivation, attention, money, and energy.

Our society creates a false sense of happiness, because when we are in a state of I must achieve or excel, we are in a state of competition, competing with ourselves and others, keeping us in a false economic cycle of producing. This is suitable for commercial conquest but has no relation to happiness and only invests our ego further into a transactional system.

In university studies in the United States, it was concluded that students are 40% more narcissistic than they were thirty years ago. This means that we are becoming considerably more self-serving, which is reflected in people's attitude of "I am unique, so I must have a unique purpose", this attitude contributes to a world in dissonance and prevents us from unifying and working together.


We are looking in the wrong place

Without knowing, people search for their purpose in the current system, which is the false economy for life. It is false because it is destructive to the environment, while separating us from our true nature, our soul. When we strive for financial freedom, we become the blind decimators of our own existence, using, and wasting exponential resources in our conquest. The pretence stems from our desire to be more and want more in every aspect of our lives. When desire or wants take over there is no end to the cycle of suffering.

Desire cycling is never ending. As soon as we have fulfilled one desire we are onto the next. It is a superficial loop that has no substance. Wanting something stems from left brain (ego) thinking. This is a desire of the future, an idea of what we don't have, or haven't experienced yet. So, if we don't have it, how do we know that it's necessary for us? we don't. Therefore, we aren't attached to the things we want, we are attached to the thought of desiring it, which is an illusion and consequentially we feel little value on receiving our desires.

Instead of working with nature and our nature, we are totally working against it, to the point of total disregard. It's like we have stepped over the line, so we give in and forget about our deepest needs of true self, so we don't think about it anymore. We just find better distractions and purposefully disconnect so we don't have to deal with it. 

We have become so disconnected with nature that we don't place value on what is natural, like how we breathe for example. No person can tell you how you autonomously breathe, it truly is magical, but because everyone can do it, we give it no value. It's with this attitude we find ourselves in the predicament of self-fragmentation.


So where do you find purpose?

Because of the societal illusion and false economy of happiness, we are not sure where to begin looking for purpose. We have forgotten that we are humans with a soul, who deeply depend on the connection to a thriving environment.

Because we have disassociated ourselves from our true nature and the universe, we struggle to find purpose.

So, to understand this we can investigate the universe and see how other species are integrated into their environment. Consider Dolphins for example. Each Dolphin is having a unique experience and a collective experience simultaneously. Their unique purpose is only purposeful for the collective purpose that formulates a balanced ecosystem. For humans to find purpose and feel meaningful we must find our place in nature again. Where every action is working towards a balanced environment, not tearing it down.

A pod of dolphins when working together are very affective and it's truly beautiful watching their synchronisation, working as one with such accuracy. You won't find this unison amongst humans, because individually we need to resolve ourselves, so that we can discover our true nature. Then we are able to contribute to the human collective purpose. Our western culture believes it is progressive, but is digressing, due to the construct in which it is formulated. Meaning, we think we are moving forward, but when moving forward consists of separating ourselves from nature, we end up moving backwards.


Collective happiness

Our current attitude of 'I am' or‚ 'I want', looks for I to be happy. Even though we are becoming extremely self-serving, the way we serve ourselves in the current economy is to further build a superficial identity, leaving no time to resolve our soul. We still have unresolved issues, beliefs, trauma, feelings, emotions, on top of the distraction of playing in the false economy. How can we unify in a collective human purpose when we are so individually fragmented? 

As humans are slowly becoming more about self and I, we will continue to collectively move further away from communities, our true nature and the environment. In turn, we will feel more disconnected and less unified. With an attitude of every man for himself, we will not be able to fulfil our purpose and therefore suffer further.


Resolving our soul to find purpose

In the process of resolving the soul we transform trauma, fears, insecurities, judgment, attachment, beliefs, and the ego. Once there is resolution and understanding of our past, who we are and universal dynamics, we can break through what we thought life was and see life for what it is.

Then we are no longer bound to the restraints and limits of our thinking. In this state we realise that there is nothing to desire and no need to seek attention. Our current economy of fame, money, power, success, excelling, levelling up and what others are chasing just seems totally ambivalent and inconsequential.

When our soul is resolved there is an overwhelming connection to nature and to self. It's a deepened sense of understanding oneself, allowing you get out of your own way, by making better life choices and spending less time trying to manage thoughts and feelings that aren't necessary.

Hopefully one day people will take the time to resolve their soul, to end their suffering. When more humans are in this state, they will have more energy, space, and consideration to help others and fulfill our collective purpose of supporting the planet.

Let's begin the resolution.