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Create a deeper union between your team

ACS understands that creating a great culture within an organisation has a direct effect on its performance. When people move together in numbers with the same intention, they can achieve extraordinary outcomes. On the contrary, when people are stressed, their behaviour can become erratic. This behaviour not only affects decision making, but it also impacts others negatively, creating an adverse effect on productivity.

Our team have been helping organisations develop deep cultural foundations for over 25 years. When people are relaxed, they have space to be more tolerant of others, focus on tasks more efficiently and listen better, amongst many other benefits.


Relax. Unwind. Discover

Through this retreat your team will experience a more connected, intimate bond and a deepened understading of each other.

What you and your team will gain:

  • Understand how stress is affecting you and your work place
  • Learn how your home life stress is affecting your work life
  • Eliminate conflict to increase productivity
  • Create a healthy work environment
  • Tools to handle daily stressful situations
  • Understand how a body out of balance contributes to stress and unhappiness
  • Learn how unresolved emotions can negatively affect work relationships

  • Tools on how to handle problematic clients
  • Learn how to differentiate your emotions from those around you
  • Techniques to resolve stress
  • Learn ways to regulated your nervous system throughout your work day
  • Understand how food can affect your mood and energy
  • Techniques for better focus and concentrate on tasks

Corporate retreat outline:

Your corporate retreat can be customised to suit your needs:

  • Meals included: Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea. Pure vegan meals based on Yogi Ayurvedic principles.
  • A complete immersive program
  • Light Yin Yoga
  • Guided meditation Journeys
  • Breathwork
  • Breath regulation practices
  • Breathwork practices
  • Tibetan sound bath meditation
  • Nutritional wellness talk - a deeper understanding of food and the effect it has on your mood
  • Iridology - discover how your emotional constitution affects your everyday behaviour
  • Mantra healing


Consciously prepared vegan food made with love.

yogi food
healthy food
whole food


Corporate Retreat

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