"The eyes are the gateway to the soul".

Clinical Iridology is an accurate system of health analysis through the examination of the iris. "The eyes are the gateway to the soul". The eyes are recognised as a reflection of the body, organs, systems and tissues.

An assessment is made during a consultation by taking a photograph of the iris. This is a non-invasive and fast process that provides a health analysis through the examination of the different markings and pigments in the iris, reflecting hereditary genetic strengths and nurture points. The iris presents information about the state and functioning of organs as well as the levels of inflammation and toxicity. 

An Iridology health screening indicates how the body responds to daily stresses and presents underlying health conditions before physical symptoms develop, and therefore preventive measures can be made to improve health to avoid illness.

Based on the findings during a consultation, methods to balance, detoxify, and embark on a holistic healing journey will be offered, and may include healing supplements, nutritional guidance and lifestyle recommendations.

Naturopathic Nutrition


Maya Brosnan

Maya has over 15 years of iridology experience and has helped thousands of people understand their physical and emotional conditions through the investigation of the iris. This experience, alongside her naturopathic nutrition experience, has contributed to helping people with their health and wellbeing. Recently, Maya was a key speaker at the International Iridology Practitioner Association Summit. At this summit, she spoke about the importance of iridology with the focus on weight loss and how it can be used to investigate the signs in the iris that affect the ability to lose weight affectively. Maya's extensive experience in iridology makes her an expert on the subject, and she is passionate about helping people achieve optimal health through natural means.

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Iridology consultation
Physical iridology

Emotional Iridology

Have you ever wondered why you behave in a certain way? Sometimes you want to do something specific but feel that you are being held back or have trouble achieving a certain goal.

This could be due to your emotional default. We all have an underlying set of conditions that if not understood can create default behaviour or reactions to many situations. For most people, not knowing their emotional constitution can develop conflict and insecurities, resulting in traumatic experiences.

In having a deeper understanding of who you are and your default emotional response you can work towards your strengths while supporting your weaknesses.

Through emotional iridology you will gain self-knowledge, a better understanding of your past and find direction for your future.

  • Identify emotional constitution type
  • Understand constitutional behaviours. Learn why you do the things you do
  • Discover gifts/talents you were born with and whether they are active or dormant
  • Define your strengths and weaknesses
  • Reveal emotional blocks and fears to help facilitate personal growth and resolve relationship issues

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