Life is Everything & Nothing Simultaneously

by Mark Goudie on Mar 14, 2023

Life is Everything & Nothing Simultaneously - A Conscious State

At an atomic level

Throughout modern history scientists have been creating theories on how the universe evolved. In the early 1900's Albert Einstein created one of the most famous equations of all time E=mc2, Simply put, if the parameters are certain, then the outcome would be certain.

In 1927, Werner Heisenberg introduced his uncertainty principle, while working on the mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics. This idea challenged Einstein's certainty theory, whereby everything happens randomly and outcomes are uncertain.

What's interesting and not well publicised is what physicist Paul Dirac discovered in 1928. In one of the most beautiful mathematical equations, he married both Einstein's theory of relativity (certainty) and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle (uncertainty). He discovered the relationship that matter had an equal antimatter which coexisted and was created out of nothing. This assisted in understanding the Big Bang Theory, where everything was created from nothing.


The relationship between certainty and uncertainty is in everything and in nothing...


Everything has a counterpart?

From a scientific view, seeing the duality in energy of certainty and its counterpart uncertainty at an atomic level, will hopefully help you see the duality in all things. Things may appear to be in opposition, but they are actually complimentary and necessary to exist.

  • Feminine and Masculine
  • Positive and Negative
  • Black and white
  • Good and Bad
  • Sun and Moon
  • Happy and Unhappy
  • Certainty and Uncertainty
  • Light and Dark


Everything nothing

A Conscious State


Everything and nothing is the balance of life

In every event we have the choice to make something or nothing of it. We can make it mean everything or we can make it mean nothing. If we see the duality in everything then there is no negative situation because on the flip-side there is an opportunity, the problem is that we haven't been taught to see it.



Example: (A true story)

A middle aged man was struggling to walk due to an unknown back complaint. For many years he searched for answers while his condition deteriorated, eventually resorting to having back surgery. Although the surgery was successful, he had to retrain himself to walk, which meant that he was unable to work like he had for decades. The pain was so great and his movement was extremely restricted he struggled to see any opportunity. 12 months later the pain started to dissipate and his mobility was improving, he realised that he was a workaholic and spent his life chasing the next thing with no contentment. Through his adversity combined with being housebound he realised that he had missed quality time with his family and started to appreciate the beauty in small things like simply walking on the beach and feeling the sand and water between his toes.


Most people approach situations from one side only. Their decisions are usually derived from their perception which is formulated by their belief system, things are either good or bad. When we are unable to remain curious and sit in between certainty and uncertainty, we create very fixed outcomes and in turn miss the potential opportunity that isn't apparent at the time. Read article: Everything is as it's meant to be

When we see the sun, the moon is still there we just can't see it...

Our perception is made up of what we have learnt and experienced, but we haven't experienced everything in life, therefore you could say we know nothing. By seeing the duality in everything rather than using our perception, we see the truth unfolding both good and bad simultaneously, we can then respond rather than react more efficiently.