Progression is killing your nature

by Mark Goudie on Mar 14, 2023

Progression is killing your nature - A Conscious State

Continuous stress is a contributing factor in fragmenting our soul. In this heightened state we lose our essence, our true nature. In chasing what society says for achieving happiness ie. the pursuit of progression, achieving and excelling we actually undermine our happiness.

Not only is progression responsible for reinforcing that 'we are not enough' in the now, it prevents us from being in the moment. This state of ambition and desire separates us from our essence, creating stress and conflict, and if continued overtime it fragments our soul.

Stress raises our cortisol levels as part of our body's natural stress response. This response is necessary in guiding us in life and keeping us safe, but if our body is under this stress long term we become numb to what is and what isn't. Our body remains in a state of flux. It's not a matter of if, but when this will happen. Statistics tell the story that every person will experience a mental health issue at least once in their life.

When we are in this disconnected state our experience becomes meaningless and unfulfilling, we experience the 'dark night of our soul'. At this point our body is imbalanced and our neurotransmitters can often become irregulated. Then the cycle of depression, anxiety and mood disorders soars. The mood cycle can generally begin with continuous, unresolved stress, which can lead to anxiety. Experiencing high level anxiety for long periods is the perfect terrain for compromised sleep and insomnia. If anxiety is left untreated, it can result in depression and quite often it's accompanied by extreme adrenal exhaustion.

The more stressed we are, the more we focus on the things that stress us and the cycle continues. The conventional resolution is to see a doctor who will provide you with an 'anti this' and 'anti that' drug, that will either numb or stimulate the senses, but the underlying problem remains.

By this time the stress has made us closed. Our bodies are in such a disconnected state that we cannot see the wood for the trees.

This idea that progression is necessary for happiness, is the one thing that is destroying our lives in more ways than one. Progression affects us personally and takes us away from who we truly are, for the sake of keeping up in this modern economy. But it's our modern day economy that is not only responsible for undermining our true nature, it is responsible for the destruction of our environment. While most of society is in the pursuit of progression, fuelling the economy, the planet is suffering on every level. Every part of our environment and its ecosystems are under threat due to the sad fact that we are in such desperate need to fulfil our own desire of achieving and progression.

What's interesting is that we desire so much, but desire is a trap. Once you have fulfilled a desire a feeling of emptiness creeps in and a new desire is needed to fill the gap. Also, we spend considerable amounts of time and energy trying to obtain our 'wants' for what purpose?

We came from nothing and we return to nothing.

So we live our whole lives distracted in this concept of progression when it really doesn't matter. Whether you created the theory of relativity or discovered quantum Physics, bought a mansion, or had a colossal business, nature still stays the same and the sun will still come up in the morning. We think that we are progressing exponentially, but consequently the things that we are progressing in are the things that will ultimately undermine and destroy our nature.

A tree strives for the sun, but doesn't strive to be the best

Our happiness is directly linked to the balance of the earth, this has been theorised and studied by scientists, including Winfried Schumann and his resonance theory in 1952. He concluded that we feel more at peace when we resonate with the earth's frequency of 7.83hz. The studies showcase that if we tamper with the earth's natural frequency, not only will we experience illness in many ways, but it will affect all ecosystems. Futhermore, if we continue to interfere with the earth’s ecosystems, then it will affect the earth’s ability to remain consistent.

It's obvious that as we collectively tear nature down the more we feel ill, physically, mentally and emotionally. As we destroy our environment we also suffer considerably and progression is the driving force.

So we have to ask the question 'what is it all for?'. Do we miss a flying car now? At what cost to the environment are we going to accept to have an automated car? Once that is readily available we will only want more and there is always more to be had. What will be the affects of having 42,000 satellites in space to our environment? How will it change earth's natural resonance? Finally, why is it necessary?

We think that we are moving forward, but with each and every step we are moving further away from nature. Are we a society that is so primitive that we cannot see past our own desire? What is interesting is that old ancient societies were working towards becoming desireless. Perhaps they had already realised the importance of restraint and 'because we can, doesn't mean we should.

Hopefully in the future our society and the majority of people will recognise that progression has consequences. The more we pursue and desire the larger the repercussion there is on the environment. If only enough people wake up to see that we are the blind decimators of our existence and if we don’t make considerable change in our ways of living, we are going to see further rise in health related issues.