Overview of diabetes

Type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance are intricate metabolic conditions that can be effectively addressed and reversed through a range of interventions. The crux lies in adopting a holistic approach that encompasses modifications in lifestyle, dietary adjustments, regular physical activity, and, in certain cases, the assistance of nutritional supplements.

A pivotal aspect of resolving type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance entails implementing a nourishing and well-balanced diet. This requires the decrease in consumption of refined sugars, processed edibles, and detrimental fats, while simultaneously increasing the inclusion of intact grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein sources, advantageous fats and potential supplements.

By incorporating these modifications into their dietary habits, individuals can successfully regulate their blood glucose levels, enhance their insulin responsiveness, and foster a state of metabolic equilibrium.

Consistently upholding a regular exercise regimen plays a pivotal role in effectively managing type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance.

Attaining and maintaining a healthy body weight through effective weight management constitutes another key component in resolving type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance. By combining prudent dietary practices with regular physical activity, individuals can profoundly influence glucose control and insulin sensitivity.


Diabetes symptoms and signs

  1. Frequent urination: Experiencing increased frequency of urination, particularly during night-time, where one feels the need to urinate more frequently than their typical pattern.

    2. Excessive thirst: Feeling extremely thirsty and constantly needing to drink fluids.

    3. Unexplained weight loss: Losing weight without trying or experiencing a significant decrease in appetite.

    4. Increased hunger: Feeling hungry more frequently, even after eating.

    5. Fatigue: Feeling tired and lacking energy, even with sufficient rest.

    6. Blurred vision: Experiencing blurry or distorted vision.

    7. Slow-healing wounds: Cuts, sores, or infections that take longer to heal than usual.

    8. Numbness or tingling: Experiencing a lack of sensation, tingling, or a sensation of discomfort in the extremities, specifically in the hands or feet.

    9. Dry skin and itching: Having dry, itchy skin, often accompanied by frequent infections.

    10. Recurrent infections: Developing infections, particularly urinary tract infections or yeast infections.

    11. Sweet-smelling breath: Having breath that smells fruity or sweet, a possible sign of high blood sugar levels.


Diabetes treatment

At A Conscious State, we offer assistance for individuals with diabetes through our unique, holistic approach, which includes naturopathic nutrition and iridology. Our team of experts believes in the power of natural remedies and personalised nutrition plans to support diabetes resolution.

Through our specialised approach to nutrition based on naturopathic principles, we place significant emphasis on discerning and tackling the underlying triggers of diabetes. We prioritise the significance of a well-balanced diet that emphasises the inclusion of wholesome, unprocessed sustenance while simultaneously reducing the consumption of refined and sugary food items. Our overarching objective revolves around maximising the intake of essential nutrients, regulating blood glucose levels, and fostering a state of comprehensive wellness.

Iridology, a practice based on the analysis of the iris, can provide insights into a person's health status, including potential imbalances related to diabetes. By examining the iris, our skilled practitioners can gather valuable information that aids in tailoring personalised recommendations to support diabetes management.

Our dedicated team at A Conscious State combines these approaches with evidence-based practices and ongoing support to assist individuals with diabetes in their journey towards improved health.

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