Embark on an Uncharted Path: Revealing the Enigmatic Gold Coast Retreat by A Conscious State.

Prepare to delve into an extraordinary realm of self-transformation, as you unlock the secrets of this enigmatic Gold Coast Retreat meticulously curated by A Conscious State. This sanctuary of profound rejuvenation awaits, ready to guide you on an uncharted journey of self-discovery and holistic renewal. 

Nestled within the mesmerising embrace of the Gold Coast's breathtaking landscapes, this retreat unveils a gateway to an ethereal realm of serenity and profound inner awakening. A Conscious State has artfully woven together a tapestry where nature's beauty converges with transformative experiences, leading you on a path of deep introspection and personal growth.

The Gold Coast Retreat, known as the Shifting States 3-Day Retreat, unfolds as a tapestry of carefully curated experiences designed to harmonise with the essence of the surrounding natural wonders.

Surrender to the wisdom of expert facilitators who will guide you through immersive meditations, mindfulness practices, and transformative workshops. Together, you will embark on an exhilarating voyage of self-exploration, peeling away the layers of your being to unearth profound insights and unlock dormant potential. Engage in thought-provoking conversations and forge genuine connections with fellow travellers, nurturing a vibrant community of shared growth and mutual support.

Indulge in a sensorial feast that nourishes both body and soul. At the Gold Coast Retreat, delectable healthy meals are thoughtfully prepared, honouring your wellbeing. Each bite becomes a celebration of flavours and vibrant vitality, elevating your physical and mental wellness as you embrace the transformative journey within.

Echoing through the air are the resounding tales of those who have traversed the Gold Coast Retreat. Their testimonials bear witness to the profound impact of this sanctuary—stories of personal metamorphosis, expanded consciousness, and profound inner serenity. A Conscious State’s steadfast commitment to providing a haven for growth and self-realisation has empowered countless souls to reclaim their vitality and chart new paths of personal evolution. 

This Gold Coast Retreat invites you to embark on an odyssey shrouded in mystery and wonder, where the transformative power of the Gold Coast intertwines with the depths of your being. Surrender to the allure of the unexplored, immerse yourself in the wonders of nature, and ignite a transformative shift that will reverberate throughout your life's journey.

Unveil the enigmatic magic that awaits you at the Shifting States 3-Day Retreat. Embark on an extraordinary adventure, where the Gold Coast Retreat beckons you to embrace the untrodden path of self-discovery and unlock the profound potential that lies within.

Let go of the past, for a new you in the future.

3 day retreat Gold Coast

This event is inspired by meeting clients in our consultations, healings and retreats who feel like they have hit a wall and lost direction. They are either exhausted, energetically disorientated, struggling financially, feel alone, emotionally and physically unwell or struggling to find purpose. Our intention is to shift you to a new place in your life, no matter where you are at, by healing the past and setting the right path for the future, a future that is fulfilling and purposeful.

In society we believe that success equals money, fame and power, but these concepts are only a distraction from what is most important in life, "Finding you". Understanding yourself on a deeper level holds the secret to making life decisions that contribute to your fulfilment. 

We are an untapped intelligence and our DNA holds lifetimes of memory and experiences that are locked within us. Our educational system only improves our intellect (information collected from external sources), we have never been shown how to unlock our intelligence and use our whole body to make decisions that benefit our life.



Rainforest Retreat Gold Coast. Set in the tranquil, picturesque location of Springbrook, this Gold Coast retreat held at the Theosophical retreat centre, perfectly sets the scene for an immersive journey.


What you will gain:

  • Learn your strengths, weaknesses and emotional constitution
  • Understand and overcome fears, trauma and insecurities
  • Learn how to be integrated - mind, heart and intuition
  • Learn how to understand your feelings
  • Learn how to be calm, less anxious or depressed
  • Learn how to make decisions that will impact you in positive way
  • Learn how to create positive internal language to improve self esteem
  • Improve your intelligence
  • Connect to consciousness - make better decisions
  • Open your heart
  • Grow your self worth
  • Connect to your true self
  • Learn how to get out of your own way
  • Learn how to have the most intimate relationships
  • Understand how food can affect your mood and energy
  • Learn how to love unconditionally
  • Learn how to let go
  • Learn techniques to help regulate your nervous system
  • Deepen your trust


What you will experience:

  • 2 nights accommodation
  • All meals included: Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner included. Pure vegan meals based on Ayurvedic principles.
  • Nature walks to private waterfall lookout
  • A complete immersive program
  • Light Yin Yoga, Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga
  • Guided meditation journeys
  • Breath work
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Tibetan sound healing
  • Massage (Optional extra)
  • Nutritional Wellness talks - A deeper understanding of food and digestion
  • Iridology - Discover how your emotional constitution affects your everyday behaviour
  • Natural Medicine - Learn how to better support your body naturally
  • Mantra healing
  • Kirtan ceremony
  • Fire ceremony celebration



Set in the tranquil, picturesque location in Springbrook, Gold Coast, the Theosophical Retreat Centre sets the perfect scene for a transformative journey.

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Consciously prepared vegan food made with love.

whole food
Protein balls



Only $690 all inclusive

Price is all inclusive, 3 days accommodation, all food: breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, diner, and full program. *massage optional extra.

Location: Theosophical Centre, Springbrook, Gold Coast

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