A Fragmented Soul

by Mark Goudie on Mar 14, 2023

A Fragmented Soul - A Conscious State

It is evident throughout history that humans are subjects of suffering. This idea has been well documented and formulates many teachings of Buddhism, dating back to 600 B.C.

We see suffering as a mind, body and soul that has been shattered and left fragmented throughout time. In fragmentation we live our lives in a continual contradiction, dividing us from our true nature and ultimate purpose.

Living in a continual state of contradiction or conflict, disconnects us from our total being, our soul. This state of dissonance contributes to how we live our lives and formulates the struggles we have day-to-day.

This fractured sense of self sees us working against who we are, against our body, mind and intuition, rather than working towards a harmonious, flowing, energetic existence. It is something we are taught in ignorance, to push on in life with total disregard of who we are. Without knowing who we are, how can we create a life that is meaningful?

In a fractured existence we contribute to more mess. We pursue a purpose that takes us away from nature and our true nature. In this world of diminishing nature there will be much suffering because every time we move away from nature, we experience dissonance and the cycle of suffering continues exponentially.

The answer is to become whole (wholly) again. Walk a path that brings us closer to our true nature. When we feel whole, we are one with ourselves, one with others and our environment. All the judgement, insecurities, beliefs, trauma and conflict just simply wash away, dissolving into nothing. This is when we are in our true state of harmony, a flow state, where we work with ourselves and the universe to attract the learnings needed to live an extraordinary life.

In becoming wholly, we can then continue to fulfil our collective purpose and in unification, we will restore harmony back to our nature.