The Human Paradox

by Mark Goudie on Mar 14, 2023

The Human Paradox - A Conscious State

The more we progress, the further we digress.

This has been the human dilemma dating back thousands of years. The desire to be better, to have more and be more is the very thing that prevents us from actually moving forward. We think that we are progressing, but in fact we are quickly digressing.

Technology was meant to make our lives easier and in many instances it has, but as a consequence life has become fast paced. We are now able to do more in our day and now find ourselves busier than ever. With every technological advancement we move towards a future that is further separated from nature. When we move away from nature we become less content, our stress levels increase and we are more prone to experiencing anxiety, depression, mental and physical illness.

The further we progress in our current social construct the more we become separated from ourselves and the environment. These 'ways' of modern living contribute to a state of disembodiment, a body that is separate from the mind, a mind that is separate from consciousness and an existence that is separate from nature, ultimately causing systemic suppression and suffering.

In every aspect our 'quality of life' is under serious threat. In chasing a better lifestyle we are destroying our environment which in turn contributes to our degeneration. Although life expectency has risen, so has early degeneration, illness and chronic conditions. This problem extends from humans confusing their role with nature, we have created an artificial existence that is believed to be true. In this belief, our society dissects nature to try and understand it, in a way to conquer it. But in doing so, we only move further away from nature, continually leaving us feeling less at peace, more anxious, depressed and purposeless.

We have become so familiar with a life that strives to move away from nature, that we are oblivious to our own disconnection, from ourselves and our environment. What is deemed to be the 'way to live' is actually a fractured state of being. This state of dissonance contributes to how we think, feel and behave, formulating the struggles we have day-to-day.

This fractured sense of self sees us working against who we are, against our body, mind and intuition, rather than working towards a harmonious, flowing, energetic existence. It is something we are taught in ignorance, to push on in life with total disregard of who we are, how we are feeling or how we are coping.


The consequences of a convenient life

It is a simple equation. When we move away from nature we degenerate.

This was proven by German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann who predicted it mathematically in 1952, now known as Schumann's Resonance. He discovered that when we are in resonance with the earth we begin to heal. Therefore when we are in dissonance with our environment it is degenerative. In this world of diminishing nature there will be much suffering because as we move away from nature, we experience dissonance and the cycle of suffering continues exponentially.

Here lies the ultimate contradiction for humanity. On one hand we know that the environment is good for our wellbeing, but on the other we are psychologically conditioned to believe that having a good life equals desire. The desire to be better, to achieve, to be more, to have more and to have an impact. All of this contributes to a diminishing environment and the cycle of suffering continues.


Homeostasis Vs. Allostasis

  1. Homeostasis is the body's natural ability to heal and regenerate. It is a balanced state of living, where every body system functions optimally.
  2. Allostasis is an altered, false state of being. A state of degeneration. A state of imbalance, but thought to be in balance.



These days being in a state of homeostasis is becoming more challenging. There are so many social deterrents and environmental factors that prevent us from self healing and regenerating, hence the reliance on western medicine.

Below are a few factors that take us away from homeostasis:

  • Stress - continual elevated cortisol levels when physical, emotional, mental or environmental stress are unresolved
  • Mineral and vitamin deficiencies - necessary for the optimal function of many biochemical processes which take place in the body continuously
  • Daily activities - Using computers, mobile phones, driving a car, being physically inactive alongside exposure to blue light and media
  • Eating nutritional empty foods - putting the body under extra stress/pressure to resolve nutritional deficiencies and service basic biochemical needs
  • Eating in Excess - Extra stress on body functions to remove waste
  • Stimulants - Alcohol, drugs, coffee and refined sugar
  • Consuming inflammatory - promoting foods - Dairy, gluten, wheat, meat, sugar, processed foods and more
  • Excess chemicals - Daily use of chemical products (over 85,000 chemical are listed)
  • EMF (electromagnetic Frequencies) and RF (Radio Frequency) exposure - Mobile phones, mobile towers, high voltage electronic devices and currents
  • Excess toxins - Air and water pollution and heavy metal exposure
  • Mind cycling - A state of mind that cannot slow down
  • Sleep deprivation - Unhealthy sleep patterns preventing the body to heal
  • Trauma - Unresolved trauma, limiting consciousness
  • Insecurities - Added stress and worry
  • Conditioning - Learnt beliefs that create rigidity
  • Lack of exercise - Unhealthy weight gain increasing risk of CVD, diabetes, cancer, vitamin D deficiency as a result of staying indoor and lack of stimulation of hormone/endorphins
  • An altered state of HPA Axis (Hypothalamus/Pituitary/Adrenal axis) leading to an inability to relax - Living in a constant state of 'doing', not necessarily in a physical way, not giving the nervous system time to settle



It is fair to say, under the circumstances, most of the population in the western world are living in a continuous state of allostasis. Due to the factors above accentuated by living in desire, eating and doing what we want, rather than eating and doing what we need. This altered state stunts our growth, detracts from our intelligence and ultimately takes us away from our true nature and divine purpose.


Becoming whole (wholly)

The answer is to become whole (wholly) again. Walk a path that brings us closer to our true nature. When we feel whole, we are one with ourselves, one with others and our environment. In this state our mind, body and soul is working in harmony, energetically flowing, connected to our true nature.

In becoming wholly, we can then continue to fulfil our collective purpose and in unification, we will restore harmony back to nature.